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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Parking Tickets and Parasites

I am bitter for sure. I guess I am not used to big city living. My wife and I have paid over 700$ in parking / moving violations in one year here in LA. Are they our fault? I guess. There are signs on either side of our street that tell us that on certain days, 2 hours out of the week, they will ticket for parking due to street cleaning.
My wife and I went on a peaceful walk this morning with our dog. I surprised her by taking her to Griffith Park so we wouldn't have the same view we always do (cars and buildings). We had a lovely time and even saw two roosters. I parked on the street because I knew I had to go to work in 2 hours and the car would be closer. Well, It didn't even cross my mind that I could not park there. Yes the sign is there and I guess it is clearly marked, but I didn't even really know it was Thursday, I hadn't thought about it. That five second lapse of concentration cost me 45 bucks, no questions asked. Take it. What's worse is that I parked there around 9 and got my ticket just about that time, as if parking enforcement was lurking there, just waiting for me to go inside and then run over and cite me.
For 166 other hours a week, I can park there and that becomes habitual. For that reason, I really do believe that those signs are not really that helpful. I think that technology is readily available and cheap. And a reasonable solution would be for the 2 hours that you can't park there a week, at the top of the sign, would be a timer and strobe, thusly shattering my habit and reminding me that the street cleaner is coming (although I've never ever seen it). That 45 bucks cost me my entire days wages. I simply cannot afford that 5 second lapse. I may be bitter, but these types of citations are geared for the poor. Rich people have garages, valet parking, and drivers. Even if they did get a ticket, what's 45 bucks? Nothing to them. But for the rest of us, 45 bucks is groceries or a bill to be paid.
Who are meter maids anyway? People like me who earn tips or minimum wage? Why would anyone do that job? It is like getting paid to tattle. I feel the same about the people who do that secret shopper crap. If that program really helped the employees, I would be all for it, but managers break sweat on their greasy foreheads, paranoid that a secret shopper will give them a bad score; then take it out on the wayward automaton. And there is no room for any other score than 100%. What kind of a parasite would take that job? Not me. I'd rather be a night manager at Taco Bell.

I really do love that blogs exist. I can express my feelings on this situation for all the world to see and people can respond in kind. I feel a little less bad about getting 45 dollars ripped out of my pocket book because I wasn't thinking what day it was.


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