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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Foreign law and Conservatism

As twilight fades around the death of Pope John Paul II, I find myself totally curious why George Bush would attend the Pope's funeral. My opinion is that our nation has moved towards the right and the growing debate over the influence of religion over the state is at an all time high.

During JFK's administration, "Blessed John XXIII" died, yet JFK, a catholic, did not attend his funeral. Why? If you ask many right wingers today when our nation was more religious, today or yesteryear, the answer would be yesteryear. Conservatives by definition fear change and cling to a mentality of "the older I get, the better it was." And if the US was so pious when my parents were kids, why is it that a Roman Catholic priest didn't go to a great Pope's funeral?

I believe now that our nation has taken a step towards the right, especially with the borderline fanatical "Christian" right. What groups used to be bitter enemies, no see each other as allies in an attempt to control the government and by de-facto, you...and they are winning.

In 1963, the people, especially the Bible Belt was fearful that the White House would usurp the government and take orders from Rome, so JFK's administration distanced himself from the Pope instead of embracing him. JFK addressed Southern Baptists in September 13th, 1960
Now the argument is all about how we can incorporate more religion into our lives visa vie the government and how that has always been the case.

I also amuse myself with the recent fiasco of Justice Ginsburg and how conservatives are flying off the handle about her citing foreign law in US cases. For may conservatives, as long as the courts only obey Christian law from overseas, that is alright, any other foreign law is a breech of sovereignty and justices are activists and must be impeached. What a load of crap.

The founding fathers were very careful in the way they constructed the constitution, but with so much speculation and no one around to verify, I have to trust myself on this issue. Government, please stay the hell out of religion and vice versa.


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Ah God and politics. The two favorite subjects of Southern Baptists. Which reminded me of this site:

Check it out, might make you chuckle if nothing else! Oh and you'll be interested to know (or maybe I'm just taking liberties here) that I've updated my blog

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