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Saturday, March 19, 2011

New DDO Blogs

I've decided that I need to write down my thoughts more often as I am a reluctant jack of all trades and I have unusual hobbies, like playing MMO's. I spend much of my time playing so I figured I need to vent.

For those who don't know me, I am a life-long gamer. Not the first person shooter gamer, not an X-Box gamer, but a role player. I now have thirty one YEARS under my belt with games like Dungeons and Dragons. I love acting and it is an easy way to group with friends and get out my improv acting fix. I also play the MMO, DDO, short for "Dungeons and Dragons Online."

I think it is in the male genome to compete and conquer which is why there is more lure for males than females in video game land. Oddly enough, I usually play female characters. It all started when I played the original MMO, Everquest. At that time there was no voice chat and if gamer had the impression that you were really female, they'd give you more money or help. Then I realized that I was staring at the back side of a character on screen for hours at a time and I just wanted to see a pleasant booty rather than a male one.

Now that I have established a small framework for what I do, I feel free to write prolifically.


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